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PNG, JPEG, and GIF are the three most commonly used image formats in daily contact. Almost all pictures on Internet pages are in these three formats. Dynamic images use GIF, and static images use PNG and JPEG.

Previous article “What are the differences between PNG, GIF, and JPEG image formats, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Introduced the difference between PNG image format and JPGE and GIF, their advantages and disadvantages, and the types of images suitable for storage. Now let’s talk about the PNG format in detail.

When using software such as Photoshop to save the…

These are all commonly used image formats, and you need to understand their characteristics to apply them in the most suitable scenarios.

Among them, PNG is a format that currently uses more by designers. Its full forum is Portable Network Graphics. Therefore, this is a picture format developed specifically for network transmission.

The PNG format has many advantages, such as support for 24-bit true color, support for alpha channel transparency/translucency, lossless compression, etc. It is very suitable for saving charts, patterns, logos, etc., with clear effects and small files.

Let’s compare the difference between PNG and JPEG and GIF.

What are the differences between PNG and jpeg formats, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


Today we are going to learn to use Adobe Illustrator to make the textures. It mainly appears in web page design and is used as a web page background. Usually, this kind of texture pattern is characterized by a very delicate transition between shadows and highlights, and its color is free of black, white, and gray. A website built with only black, white, and gray temperament styles will look unique.

Maybe you don’t think that a small pixel will have a huge effect, but what we will do next will change your view.

1.Single-pixel map

First, open the AI ​​software and create…

Texture has become an indispensable element in web design. It is not only a trend but also a quick way to increase the depth of web pages. When designers learn to use textures, they can strengthen the appeal of web pages. It can be said that they must be mastered in web design. The texture itself can show the key content of the webpage by guiding the user’s sight.

However, the texture seems to have been misunderstood as a “GRUNGE” style design for a long time. In many web pages, we can see that in order to highlight cool effects…

As a web designer, you may have the freedom to deal with font design as other graphic designers, in fact in the field of web design, there is already a very large degree of freedom. This is also in terms of communication in English, based on the fact that it is only a constant combination of 26 letters, which greatly reduces the time for information processing.

This time I will introduce 23 English fonts that designers of Flying House often use when designing web pages. Each of the English fonts below is mostly a relatively complete “character family”, often with…

“I want a card”, this is the first demand point that the customer said in the last issue when talking to me about demand. There is no doubt that the card type is excellent for both PC and mobile phones. From online shopping malls to social media sites, card design has become a powerful trend in web design. The most important reason must be its flexibility.

Cards can be of any shape, color and form. But in general, they all contain pictures, icons and some basic text information, such as title, user name and location information.

“However, the core of…

Equivalence and contrast, connection and distinction, categorization and non-categorization are all ways to distinguish the same or different elements. Based on the information they carry, we hope that the equivalent elements can have a certain connection to show their similarity in a certain aspect. We also want to distinguish different elements to show that they belong to different categories.

Equivalence and contrast are expressed by the relationship between the elements. If two elements have a certain relationship, it can be determined that the two elements must have the same characteristics. Of course, two different elements must also look different.

Basic characteristics



When we start designing mobile web pages, we always need to determine the color scheme of the web page first. Well, at this time, unless the customer proposes a color scheme, most of the situations we have to face is to create a color scheme based on the customer’s needs. Here, I want to teach you how to get inspiration from the “picture” source and create a color scheme.

1. Select the picture

First of all, go to the major websites to search for your favorite pictures. The choice of pictures should try to choose a color tone that changes and the contrast between…

Because screens are limited, web design is also limited. It can be said that in the small box of the screen, each pixel is a piece of real estate.

Even a novice, I know that a page cannot be loaded with too much content, but it involves a lot of blank space, including experienced designers.

Leave blank, the other is “negative space”, and the two words are often used interchangeably. They all refer to a relationship between the elements that appear on the screen. The so-called white space is not necessarily white or black. Even a pattern, color, or textured…


Design is not a skill, but the sensory ability and insight ability to capture the essence of things.

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